Favor for my Blogging Friends

To all of my blogging friends.. I have a favor to ask you. My brother has started a clothing line in hopes to raise awareness for Autism. His clothing is called Perel Clothing. Perel designs and develops clothing that is for individuals within the autism and Asperger spectrum. Perel’s intention is to help guide autism and Asperger’s into a positive future by bringing awareness through its product and sponsorship.

My favor is that you go on Facebook and like his page. He is in the process of getting everything started and you liking his page would give him the motivation. It would help the companies funding this to know that people are interested and care about Autism Awareness. I appreciate your time. I hope you have a wonderful day! Even if you see this post days or years from now, still please go to the website. It is never to late to make a difference! We can all be a part of something big.


Lots of Love,



What do you stand for?

There are things that define us, and then there are things that should not define us. I am becoming more and more at peace with my world. For me, it’s called accepting the things we cannot change. Spending energy on things that can change, accepting and loving the things we cannot. The world struggles with always wanting what we cannot have or what we are not. Most people can agree their family is not perfect. I spent a lot of my years wishing my family to be different. Wishing I had a father, but not looking at what some others may not have. I have the most wonderful, loving, imperfect mother. My mother once told me, “A friend is a true friend, if they accept you make mistakes and loves you anyway.” How refreshing is that? It means I can unintentionally hurt someone and they will still love me anyway. That is true love, true beauty. Accepting we live in an imperfect world and looking at it in a loving way. I am understanding more each day to have a healthy relationship with someone, we must accept their flaws as a part of who they are. Not loving someone for what they are, or what they do, but WHO they are. What do you stand for? Knowing what you stand for in life and passionately chasing after it will define you. The events that have happened in your life and how you choose to move forward, defines you. I want to passionately love one person. To show people that loving yourself can change their world. To let children know that they are all unique in their own way. Whoever I meet, I hope they know love is what I stand for. What do you stand for? If we could say it in a silent way, would our actions say the same? We are not perfect but we can spend our energy letting others know it’s okay to not be. We will still love you, and we hope to be loved in return.